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This is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Perhaps it could be expanded into a 5-minute (wordless) adventure?

The music is pretty grand as well.

Eyelids-pie responds:

youre right
everything about me is pretty great


Disturbing in all the most hilarious ways.

I can't help but feel

Somewhere in all this fun we're crossing the line from criticizing Chinese censorship, to being racist towards the people themselves.

But this flash was awesome anyway, so I can't give it anything but the highest ratings. It compliments Eric Idle's song perfectly.

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Amusing enough, I suppose

Nice, jam-packed with Binding of Issac and Super Meat Boy references. The game plays rather clunkily and stiff, and there doesn't seem to be much to it, but it's certainly fun anyway.

Great fun

The gameplay was fun, and you definitely achieved the feeling you were going for, which is impressive for such a subtle concept.

Almost everything about the Pause menu is glitchy (the backgrounds don't pause, neither do some sounds, and occasionally things don't work after you restart), so if you find the time and motivation I'd really recommend reworking it. I'd accidentally mouse offscreen a lot, but it wouldn't be nearly as problematic if the pause feature was more polished.

I want to spend most of my time talking about the positives, but it's hard to elaborate beyond just saying that things were done right. Good job. The ending cutscene was hilariously fitting.


As fun as I hoped it'd be. The falling sand thing worked well.

I-smel responds:


Oh hey it's Diticoaf

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I hate this effect

The "style" that an auto-tuned voice reminds me of is bad 90's music. I realize this might lead to an unhelpful review, but I really can't get past the annoying effect. I'd love to hear this song again with subtlety reinstated in your singer's voice.

Definitely bring out the main theme more.

For the first 50 seconds , I didn't even notice the melody... I thought this was just a very unique rendition.

Don't be afraid to mix things up a bit more. Once you've established a pattern, throw it out the window. Let different parts get louder at different times, throw in some new sounds when we get used to the old ones. Right now it's a little monotonous.

But all the above isn't to say that this isn't good. It's still an entertaining rendition of an enjoyable song. I expect to hear good things from you in the future.

Makes me smile

I like it even with the speed-up at the end, though I wouldn't mind hearing a version without the error. Definitely one of my favorite things in the portal that I've found so far!

EggPremier responds:

Thanks bud! :)

I'd write something here, but only if it wasn't clever.

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