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This is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Perhaps it could be expanded into a 5-minute (wordless) adventure?

The music is pretty grand as well.

Eyelids-pie responds:

youre right
everything about me is pretty great


Disturbing in all the most hilarious ways.

I can't help but feel

Somewhere in all this fun we're crossing the line from criticizing Chinese censorship, to being racist towards the people themselves.

But this flash was awesome anyway, so I can't give it anything but the highest ratings. It compliments Eric Idle's song perfectly.


Nice parody of memorize-knowledge songs. Very entertaining. At the beginning, I kept waiting for the barrage of architecture facts... then it became clear that it wasn't going to happen... but then you managed to throw some education in there anyway. Kept me on my toes, and was catchy and funny the whole time. Good job!


I'm a huge fan of your newer stuff, and the Spookeyville USA movies were amazing, so I went back to see some of your older pieces. I think this was the first one (working backwards) that I didn't like. It was very well made, with great animation and sound, but the plot... was so terribly clich├ęd that I actually cringed at some parts.

forks? really?

I haven't seen the movie, but since my hometown is near the REAL forks, I've had plenty of opportunities to make fun of the books. While watching this parody, all I could think was, "wait, that high school is supposed to be in FORKS? Forks is about a tenth of that size, and considerably less rich. Those kids are supposed to be typical forks people? Why are those pickup trucks so clean? Why aren't there more pickup trucks?"

I burst out laughing when I saw that sign "Home of the trojans" in front of the schoolbuilding, because I couldn't help but mentally compare it to the actual forks high school grounds...

Shrimps McGee!

This was ridiculous in all the best of ways.


heh. looks like you've gotten some pretty pointless reviews.

But anyway: the message about drunk driving was on-the-mark, if a little blunt. I felt like the shortness just made this a little towards the one-dimensional side. The blue guy getting hit by the car wasn't so much a twist, as it was the entirety of the movie Not that it wasn't entertaining in it's own right, but I don't think it's going to shock any habitual drunk drivers into living more safely.

Wait, what?

It's an anti-smoking message... based on pity for the cigarettes themselves? I'm not sure how much sense that makes...

demonicsunship responds:

You should try to understand the second degree of what you watch


Not bad. Since you made this short as a test, I'll tell you: if you made a longer video of this quality (say, a series of attempts), I'd enjoy watching it.

Jonus04 responds:

I have a bunch of individual ones in separate flash movies, but your saying putting them all together into one longer video would be better? I really like that idea, and i will get on that.

I'd write something here, but only if it wasn't clever.

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